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Author Topic: HJ Resolution 69 - Denning wolves, land/shoot Grizzlies  (Read 1200 times)

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HJ Resolution 69 - Denning wolves, land/shoot Grizzlies
« on: February 20, 2017, 05:46:00 PM »
Posting in case anybody wants to use part of this message in reaching out to your local senators.  This is in regard to HJ Resolution 69, allowing for the denning of wolves, the killing of hibernating bears and land & shoot hunting tactics on AK wildlife refuges.  It has already gone through the house.

Please note that I am not arguing against hunting wolves or grizzlies (as long as you eat what you kill).  I know many of you would also be furious about having apex predators in your state.  You are definitely entitled to your opinion on these issues, as am I.  But, as a group, traditional bowhunters are typically more ethics-conscious than other groups and it is on this basis that I am confronting my local representatives on the matter and posting here.  I don't have much faith in our government.  But I do what I can.  A similar message was also sent to my congressman, Devin Nunes (R-CA), who voted in favor of this resolution, expressing my disappointment in his vote.

Written to Senators Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris:

RE: H.J. Resolution 69.

As an environmentalist and hunter, I am appalled at the recent advancement of H. J. Resolution 69, which allows for the slaughter of wolves and grizzly bears on Alaskan Wildlife Refuges.  The methods of kill which will be permitted under this resolution are not in-line with fair chase hunting ethics and are a shameful attempt to justify the killing of apex predators out of hatred and fear.  Indeed, whatever they may call it, it is not a hunt if such means are permitted.  Instead, it is systematic extermination.  If, as some suggest, there are insufficient caribou and moose numbers to support recreational hunters and wolves, then it is the recreational hunters who must give way.  After all, we have a surplus of food options while the wolf has but a few.  

Prey and predators evolved together and have shaped each other for hundreds of thousands of years.  The health of one is inseparable from the health of the others.  Each needs the other to continue to evolve.  I urge you to work with your colleagues in the Senate to strike down this ghastly resolution so that it does not advance any further.  Wolves and grizzlies have suffered enough under our hatred.  If Alaska really has a surplus of predators, let them send the wolves and grizzlies here.  We could certainly use a few more in our state.
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