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I’ve been after this particular group of does for some time.  They’ve always figured me out. I’d try this way or that way and every time one of those big does would catch me.  Gun season starts tomorrow here and I thought I’d give it one last try. Only way I could figure was to get down into a creek bottom. Doing this I would actually be shooting up instead down. I settle down into a flat spot that had a bunch of dried out golden rods. I had all kinds of birds flying right over my head. There was a huge swarm of mosquitos buzzing.  I even saw moths and a dragonfly dart around me. About 530 I heard a couple grunts to my left.  I got ready and made sure my limbs were going clear for a shot. A big doe literally jumped around the corner stopped a blew. I thought she was looking straight at me but she was looking right through me. There was a buck on the side of me. I took a quick shot and just went underneath of her and she darted back out of view. Dang it! I thought that was it. A few minutes later she walks back around the brush. This time there are several more does with her and some fawns. She starts walking the edge of creek towards me. Closer and closer she feeds. Something happens. Maybe another buck and she bounces back and stops looking the other way. I draw back and let the string slip from my fingers and hear a good thump. I thought holy cow! Couldn’t believe that worked. I listen and hear crashing.  I get up and try find my arrows. I find the first one easily, but struggle to find the second one. I got back to where I was sitting and settle down into where I was situated recreating the shot again. Ah, more right says I! Get back out and there we go. Blood and lots of it. However , I feel I better wait and resumed a couple hours after with a flashlight. A short track later and there is the beautiful, big doe. To God be the glory. Couldn’t do it without Him. I am thankful for the opportunity alone! I used my Northern Mist Ramer and a Simmons Swamp Shark. Both worked perfectly.

Nice hunt and nice doe!

Congratulations again sir! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Good work, I always wanted to pick the thickest spot and see if I could get one to shake hands that way, I know it must work once in a while and here's proof!



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