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How did you get started in Traditional Archery?

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I was wondering, what got you into Traditional Archery?

As for me, I wanted to shoot a bow and arrow at a very early age and when I was 6 years old my dad got me a 25# bow and taught me how to shoot. And buy the way, there were no mechanical bows back then, so I guess it wasn’t traditional at the time.

But the years went by and the Wheelies came on the scene and I tried a couple but I didn’t like them and stuck with “Traditional”.

Funny thing, back then it was called “A stick bow”, took a few more years before I heard the term Traditional Archery. 

So how about your calling to shoot Traditional?

Would love to hear how you got interested and or started.  :archer:

Pat B:
Got tired hauling around the heavy, magnesium wheeled contraption just to be able to hunt the early season. I read everything I could find(Trad Bowhunter, etc) about hunting with trad bows and realized it was a viable option. Soon after I got my first bought glass recurve(Jeffrey's) I started thinking about selfbows. Thanks Jay Massey!!!  :thumbsup:

Pete McMiller:
Got my first bow for Christmas about 65 years ago, close to 20 years before wheel bows were available.   That first bow was likely a straight limbed bow and the arrows had rubber suction cup "points".  Played cowboys vs Indians in the house a lot those years.  Gradually graduated to heavier bows but still "just bows".  Still have an old fiberglass 45# bow though my 55# Bear Kodiak Mag is long gone (thankfully).  Due primarily to that K Mag I switched to wheels as soon as they arrived (1975?).  Finally got bored with compounds and went back to my roots in 2009 - haven't pulled anything but a "trad" bow ever since.  Archery is fun again!

My father made me a bow 50 years ago now. Was nothing fancy but he made the arrows too. I eventually got a glass recurve, than a wood longbow.
Shot some compounds starting the 80s though I never stopped w the styks.
I’m an accomplishment type guy and styks def add to the accomplishment.

Started with a SEARS green fiberglas bow 25# my brothers was 15# and yellow.  Probably 7-8 years old.  Moved to a 45#@28" at 15 drawing 25-26".  Grew into that bow.  As with many here it was just called archery back them.
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