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Deer Setup for 2022/2023 Season

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Have an ambitious deer project agenda to complete in the next couple of months.
Had some available dead time and decided to develop my intended go-to hunting arrow for two bows this upcoming deer season.

Bob Lee Ultimate w/Carbon Cobra Limbs…47@28
CD WF19 w/Uukha SX+’s…..46@28

Arrow: BE Carnivore 400…150 gn insert…190 gn Timber Shark…29% EFOC…564 gn total…

Terry Green:
"CD WF19 w/Uukha SX+’s"..... HUH?  :biglaugh:

Sam McMichael:
I have 3 bows that I intend to hunt with next season. One is my 65# at 28" pull (I only draw 25"). I shoot 65# spine wooden arrows with 2 blade broadheads, razorheads and Zwickey. My second bow is a Howard Hill Cheetah. It is 55# at 28" draw. I use wood 50-55 or 55-60 arrows with 2 blade heads. It seems to like them both. My third bow is my 53# at 28" draw Northern Mist Shelton using wood 50-55# arrows. The Northern Mist bow will probably see the most use, as it has for the last several seasons.

Probably, hunt my 60" MOAB 62#@27" DL plus 3/8", or Big River D/R longbow 65#@27" DL plus 3/8" either with footed tapered cedar shafts and 190 grain 3 blade heads.  Or 62" Kota Badlands 72#@28" and tapered Red Ballau shafts with 170 grain Centaur heads for hogs.
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I will be deer hunting mostly with my Primal Tech 3pc longbow. I’m having some weight taken off of it as we speak, and it should end up about 41@29. I also acquired a new selfbow that I really want to take a critter with; deer or pig; it dosen’t matter. It’s right at 40# also.



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