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Whats on your Trad work list for 07?

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Make a bunch of arrows, some for me, others for donations.  
Make some arrow display plaques for the St. Jude's auction. (I've got some special collectable arrows to mount on them)  
Finish my first self bow.  
Make some knife handles for some Helle blades that I have laying around.
Maybe a new leather hip quiver.

Dave Worden:
I'm planning on making aTD long bow and a one-piece longbow, both glass laminated.  I'd kind of like to make a child's longbow for my club to raffle, but I'm a little concerned over liability, both the club's and my own.  We'll see.  I also need to make a set of woodies and a basket quiver to go with the one piece longbow.  You'll probably see the set on here one day soon.

I hope to finally harvest an osage off a friends farm.  Been meaning to for years.  I also want to design a small longbow for kids.  First for my nephew, and then, maybe for some donations.  Dave's words also weigh heavily on my mind.  Do any of our attorneys out there have any guidance along the liability lines ..if I do not sell it, but rather donate it ?

Doug S:
Refinish my t/d longbow. It's been beat around a bit this year.
 Finish a second backup t/d lb
 Repair a handle on a bow I made.
 Try out the hex shafts. Just got a dozen.
 Shoot one last deer here in Jan.
 Shoot a few turkeys in the spring with the refinished lb.
 Find and go to some trad rendevous and shoots.  
 Get my youngest a higher poundage bow.
 Convince South Dakota to let kids hunt rabbits with a bow.

Make my first selfbow (with help)
tune my new Fox and Adcock bows


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