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Whats on your Trad work list for 07?

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Seeking Trad Deer:
Well I unfortunately don't have a smidgin the talent as those above but given my desire I have the following plans:

1.) Learn how to shoot Snuffers as good as Magnus II broadheads.
2.) Do as much scouting as I can if it ever snows in PA this year.  Was a record 70 degrees yesterday.
3.) Read some in my Traditional Bowyers Bible and dream of one day making a bow.
4.)  Finish some Torges seats I have started for myself, my sons, and some hunting friends.
5.) Find a good load for my new .54 Caliber barrel on my flintlock (oops...this is a bow site).

I have a couple of selfbows in the works, and a bunch of rivercane that I am going to try to turn into arrows if winter ever comnes to this part of the country......


1.  I want to build an English longbow with Osage belly and natural cane back.

2.  Groove in my new shooting form.

3.  Make a couple of knives.

4.  Go to more 3D shoots.


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