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Whats on your Trad work list for 07?

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get caught up on tonkin arrow orders, work on an all bamboo bow, and make five or six osage selfbows over the summer.

I am currently putting the finishing touches on an Osage selfbow. Next I have to make up a few more arrrows for a hog/goat  hunting trip that my buddies and I are taking in Texas the end of this month. I have a yew stave and want to make my first yew selfbow and I will start that when we return from Texas. Spring turkey season will be on my list in April and May. A shoot at my place in June with buddies and MoJam in July. Sept. will be elk hunting in Idaho and I will get back just in time for the Iowa bow season opener. I should be able to get a couple of Osage selfbows compete in between the above. Dang, life is good.

I have no talent.  I'll be makin squat this year.

But I'll be buying a whole heap of stuff!!!!!!

T buy my first trad bow and gear and learn how to shoot!

project mayhem:
I'm gonna immerse myself in building my own gear, spend time with the wife and lil' girls...hunt every critter I can, can't wait.  Happy New year all!


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