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Whats on your Trad work list for 07?

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Al Kidner:
G'day all,

 Well with a little time off over the Christmas brake I just got around to splicing up some feathers for a set of arrows for my wife and her new bow.
 I got to thinking, what are all the nifty TradGangers planning on doing with there gifted hands in 2007?

 I'll start. I'm planning on footing arrows with the 4 foot method. I traded something for a Footing jig sold in 3Rivers. I'm sure you all will see the up and comming thread on it.

 How bout you, whats your plans?    :coffee:  

Oh and a lot of hunting too!

In Oz, alan

Weekend Warrior:
I'm going to make a dean torges seat..
Making the switch to aluminum arrows..
More Scouting this spring..
Turkey hunt this spring with my recurve,do some bowfishing...

Try to make it to more trad shoots,lot of shooting...

Shawn Leonard:
My bunny Hunt is coming up and I will be making arrows for our raffle and getting an older bow ready and looking good for the raffle as well. Making nutters and my son-in-law and I are gonna build a bow or two, which will be a first for me and him. Shawn

I Plan on Finishing the  "Outstanding Glue-Up"  I bought from  WINGNUT , then build Another  Tonkin Backed BulletWood Bow  that  "SomeOne"  had  Graciously   DONATED The Materials  to Me for a Bow!  :wavey:

Eric Krewson:
I have a bunch of bow rebuilds to do. Dropping poundage on a bow I made my brother, reworking a hickory bow I made for a friend almost ten years ago and retillering a 5 or 6 wood bows a friend gave to me when health and personal problems forced him out of archery.

Most of my friend's donated bows are salvage projects. He is a lefty so as I rework them I will give them to left handed kids.

After hunting season ends the bow building bug strikes me so I wanted to tie up loose ends early so I can make a few new bows.

If I ever run out of bows to make I have my first flintlock build waiting for me. The parts have been gathering dust for over a year now.


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