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Name my new Bow W/pics

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My friend John McDonald(Big River Bows) made this bow for me. He had made a 2 piece t/d for a friend of mine. He shipped me the bow to deliver it. Of course I had to shoot it a little. I strung it up, & drew it back & blammo,blew up right in my face. Ow, that hurt. Turns out the phenolic had a weak spot in it & it broke right at the riser,directly above the shelf.He felt bad that I was almost killed, so he decides to saw off the limbs & create a riser for them to make a 3 piece longbow. I dont really like 3 piecers, but I kind of like this one. Shoots real nice, no hand shock & is soo fast I was surprised. Now she needs a name so he can mark it up for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

 The bow has a solid phenolic riser, bamboo limbs with black glass. Kinda has that special ops thing going on




Here is my first shots(3 arrows) from 25 yards with it, a little right but still ok. The arrows are CE45/60 ,30" with The bow is 57#@28"



Dustin Waters:

Stallion seems to fit since it kicked you like a mule and its pretty close to a black beauty...
yup Stallion works for me.

Dark Vador.....Midnight Express.....Black Death.....Broken Wish.....Tri-Girl.....???

>>-----> mike

pointy sticks:


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