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Red Dwarf:
I am looking at getting myself a spokeshave (late Xmas present!) and was wondering which makes & models you experienced bowyers use and would recommend?

Thanks and all the best for the New Year

Red Dwarf

The Bowyers edge is a good investment.

I'll second that!  Much easier to sharpen to boot!

How much does the BE cost? I popped $18 for a spoke shave from another well-known and respected distributor, and got what I paid for: a rough-cut handle with a screwed-on, non-adjustable piece of angle steel that's impossible to sharpen and doesn't work for beans. So for now I'm back to scraping with old hunting knives.

The Bowyer's Edge is from Dean Torges.  It's a nice tool, but it's not a finished tool.  He leaves it to the buyer to shape the handles. For the same $$ you can get the Scrapershave from Veritas Tools and get a more refined tool.  I have them both, as well as one I made.  Though I just got the Veritas tool a few days ago.

As for spokeshaves, you really do get what you pay for.  The flat and round spokeshaves from Veritas are top notch, but @ $70 each you may want to consider a different brand (I wouldn't).  The Stanley tools are pretty inexpensive (and usually need LOTS of work to get cutting nicely).  The Record models are slightly better than Stanley's.


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