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Scott Caldwell:
Look at this and tell me what you think. The L was weak at 3in brace so I worked it down then then went to 10in. and the l was weak. Also the R took an inch more set. What is going on? /IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]   [IMG][IMG][[IMG]

Scott Caldwell:
sorry for the double post

What wood? Measurements?
From the pictures it looks like a large handle or short limbs.

Scott Caldwell:
Red oak backed with 1 layer of drywall tape. 70inNTN, 4in handle, 2in fades on each end. 1 5/8 wide at fades tapering to 1/2 wide at nocks. If yall think its firewood Im cool with that. LOL. I have an osage stave shaped but I do not want to start tillering it until I have some more experience with a couple of Board bows.

Scott Caldwell:
OK, it is long handled. 4in handle(black),2in riser?(yellow), 2in fades(red). What should I do?


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