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I've been wanting to make some metal points from old circular saw blades.  I have a couple of "cheap" paneling cutting blades that have become dull and am wondering if they are suitable for tradpoints.  I had planned to cut them with a cutoff disk in a angle grinder or try to put the cutoff disk in a tile wet saw.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

the Ferret:

Thanks Mickey

Do you heat/temper etc or just sharpen?

the Ferret:
Sorry I only had time to post the pic and not espouse on it as I was in the middle of getting dinner in the oven (Dianne is out hunting..a man's gotta eat ya know).

The picture is of some trades by Calvin Peters of Canada. My understanding is the circular saw blades without carbide tips make good trades but not the other. I have only made trades from bandsaw blades which I do not heat or temper, just sharpen,  so I can't speak from experience on circular saw blades. Hopefully someone else will have an answer on that for you.

Here is a link to the type of trades I make from bandsaw blading, but the process would be the same..choose a particular head design... tanged models are the easiest to mount but take a 3 or 4 more cuts than a simple triangular shaped trade).
Click on any thumbnail to enlarge and read text.

and here's a pic of a simple 3 sided trade


I would temper them after final shapeing.


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