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Texas Radio and the Big Beast 2

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Have a safe trip and good luck.Can't wait for your tales.Hope to join you next year  :thumbsup:

i'm with wingnut and dante,where and how much?
be a good chance to meet some of you guys.


Email me. Curtis.

herb haines:
WITH BELLS ON !!!   :bigsmyl:  

Charlie , you drove me nuts last time stretching it out but weren't you suposed to be sick last time .or that was your excuse for one trip .

next week will be real long for me .maybe i better make some quivers so my mind won't be waundering south like it is right now .

you guys have fun and if you see the beast tell him a big Canadian is coming south next March and Texas will never be the same   :bigsmyl:  .-- herb

One thing about good ole Charlie is the way he writes man! ya feel like ur riding shot-gun a RIGHT THER A  with him , ya along with this hunt ,we'er sure to get a good story , maybe two! Charlie best of luck my tradgang brother...ur taste in music are right up my alley...but I got have my George Jones , George Strait, and Willie, and the DIXIE CHICKS...NAW!...LOL..NOT THAT,  THATS A BAD THING...   :D   ...MAY UR ARROWS BE TRUE AND HIT THERE MARK , AND FIND UR PRIZE GAME BEFORE IT TURNS  DARK, BRING HOME THE BACON, THE PORK CHOPS AND ROAST, AND DONT FORGET TO WRITE A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE THAT LIKE TO  READ YA THE MOST , ALL OF TRADGANG, BROTHERS ANS SISTER!!...HAVE A BLESSED HUNT ...good luck ...MARCO#78   :wavey:


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