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Texas Radio and the Big Beast 2

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Greta read and I'm sure an even greater time had by all.Congrats Chris and gang.  :thumbsup:  


so tx pighunter:
When we do this again I am seriously gonna break out the video unit so all can enjoy the brush country of Texas. Until then peace be with all of you and If I can do something for yall ever again please let me know.
Always walk the way of the Hunter. ERIC.  :thumbsup:

Dang it you guys sure sound like you had a blast.  I missed it because we were supposed to pour concrete.  Well the same weather system that hit you wiped out our work too and I could have been there afterall.

Next year for sure.


That was very well written.  Great narrative of an excellent adventure.  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning.    :thumbsup:  

I especially liked the part about the two wittle kitty cats.  Seems things turn out more fun in the end with an element of danger.  Wished I'd been there.


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