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Montana Whitey Season '06


Randy Morin:
I got the first doe on Nov. 1.  The second Nov. 8.  Then I had the mother of all days on Nov. 14 taking both bucks, the smaller of the 2 around 9 AM and the bruiser at 12:45 pm. I was shooting a Morrison Shawnee Arapaho...57# @ 28", Carbon shafts, WW heads.  520 grains.  All deer ran about 80 yards and fell in sight.





WOW,  That's a Sweet Year. Congrats on the fine shot placement  :thumbsup:

Just awesome bro!!!  We need to get together next time....

Jason R. Wesbrock:
Heck of a year. Congrats!

Man thats what i call a great season! Congrats.


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