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Yep the way I like em....

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Doug Campbell:
young and dum... er I mean tender   :D  
Well our regular season is over for this year with just a couple areas running till Jan for does only. I'm bout to get a complex after shooting two skin heads that both turned out to be little bucks this year. Saw several thumper bucks but no dice, something always went wrong. We'll be looking for em next Sept.

Widder LBX, 62@27, WW heads and AD Trad carbons.

Hey Doug, No Shame there. That is some FINE eating. Besides, I havent figured out how to cook those antlers to an edible state anyhow  :bigsmyl:    :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:    :notworthy:

Good goin' bud!!

Congrats Doug!

So far we are running a close match, Doug, so I gotta think you did Grrrreat - LOL. I do still have all of Dec and first day of Jan. though    ;)   .

(Oh, now you have time to take a couple of Full Draw pics and send 'em to me for my new section - right? Right!)


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