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Morning 11/12/06

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I was fortunate to get these two great critters about an hour apart.First was this coyote,6yd. heart shot......


 Then this nice 8 pt....Lung shot 3 steps from the base of my tree......



Both were taken with "Timex",my Jack Kempf Kwyk Styk,62@28,carbonwood 4000 w/100gr. steel adapters and Snuffer 160's

A morning I'll never forget!!!

Congrats again!

You make it look so easy  :D

Congrats Again Bud... Awesome Year  :notworthy:

Jason R. Wesbrock:
Too cool!!!

Congrats Guru! The buck looks pretty heavy, did you weigh him? As for the coyote,,they are one critter that I love to get with a bow, it don't happen very often but it's quite an accomplishment when it happens. I missed a coyote the first weekend of our season,I was hunting from the ground with a ghillie suit, I'm really starting to beleive in the effectiveness of the ghilliesuit.

Congrats again on both trophies, your having a great season!   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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