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First bamboo backed ipe (BBI) build-a-long!

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Apex Predator:
Starting my first BBI (bamboo backed ipe).  Looking for a 68" NTN straight profile 50@27 longbow.  I started with a bamboo plank 2" wide and 72" long, and an ipe board 3/4" X 1 1/2" X 72.  


My first step was to flatten the belly of my bamboo so that I could draw my bows profile.  After cutting out that profile I thinned my boo.  This next photo is one I thinned for a BBO build earlier.  Ipe can handle thicker boo, so I left this one slightly thicker.


Next I traced out the profiled boo onto the ipe and cut it out, staying outside the lines.  After sanding the sides of the ipe flat I drew a straight line from just out side the fade out region to the tips.  My taper is around 1/2" to 5/16" at the tips.  Now I needed to figure out how to do the handle.  I wanted ipe with a hickory accent, but didn't have any ipe other than a second stave.  I figured I could spare wood from the width of this stave only.  I cut a thin strip from the edge which I laminated with epoxy to make a handle piece.  I figure it will probably be stronger this way.  When laying out everything on my form I discoverd that the ipe was bending at the handle when pulling it into reflex.  This has me worried some.  I found, by trial and error, where I had to put my first two clamps.  Anywhere else and the handle wouldn't mate well with the core.  I figured on 2 1/2" of glued in reflex.  Here she is all glued up with Titebond III.


I let her sit in the form for 36 hours, just to be safe!  When I took her out of the form she retained just 1" of reflex!  Hopefully I can tiller this baby perfectly.  I guess a little string follow won't hurt her?  Here she is just out of the form.



Glue lines look great!


These two knots are worrying me some as well!  They say ipe is a really tough customer.  We will see.



Should I narrow the tips more before starting to tiller?  I want my tips to be around 1/4".  I'll continue to post my progress.  Thanks in advance for all advice.  Please comment, since I am just a novice.

Looks good.  I was prepping a plank of boo on Saturday for my first BBH project.  Keep us posted.

Were do you find the IPE board stock?  Looks purty good so far!!

CJ Pearson:
nice job Marty, Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Apex Predator:
Here is the handle after rough shaping.


And the tip overlays glued on.  I will shape them tonight and post some more.  Stay tuned!



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