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Side Quiver Build along for Josh

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This Quiver is for my Son Josh. It goes with the Longbow I made for him in the build along thread. He does not like back quivers and thinks a hip quiver is ok but when I explained this quiver to him, he thought he would like it.

I made a pattern from a piece of padding from when I installed hardwood floors in my dinning room. It is about as thick as the leather I am using but a bit more flexible. It makes a good prototype material.




My biggest concern with having such a big opening in the side of the quiver is that, over time, as the leather softens, it will fold or collapse. I will reinforce the quiver to prevent that from happening.


I am making the quiver out of 8 Oz. tooling leather.


In order to stiffen the sides of the quiver, I stitched long strips of leather to the inside of the quiver.


I left one end open so I could insert 3/32 dia. music wire the entire length of the quiver.



the next step is to at a bit if stiffness and decoration to the opening.


I stitched this piece of 5 Oz. leather to the quiver while flat (before shaping).


The next step is to shape the quiver into it tubular shape. I wetted the leather to allow me to shape the quiver and then used a blow dryer to save a bit of time drying it off. I then marked an overlap and used rubber cement to join the to ends so that I could punch the stitching holes.



With the bottom stitched, I joined both sides of the quiver opening.


Then I cut a slot for the shoulder strap.


Next, I added a piece to the bottom of the quiver that I could attach the other end of the shoulder strap to.



And then gave it a bit of decoration and some stitching holes.



Stitching the already rolled tube proved to be a real pain.



For the bottom of the quiver, I used a piece of 3/4 inch thick pine.


And then added a layer of foam to reduce the noise.


The bottom is held in place with decorative nails.



I do not have a large enough piece of leather to make a continuous shoulder strap so I have to join a few strips together that I cut out of one of my bigger pieces.



As I make more progress, I will post more.

Very nice. You're going to have one real happy boy on your hands.    :)


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