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Laminated Longbow Build Along

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Sorry, no trade.  That machine gets me to work everyday - rain or shine - in So. Cal. it is mostly shine.  I just turned 86K miles and it still runs great.  My last BMW I put 100K miles on.

Lookin good Kevin,how ya like the bandsaw?

Cake...  wish I was there to see all this come together. I know you are Way out of control.... Can't wait to shoot your bow.  Hope to see ya sunday......

I made some more progress today after overcoming a few difficulties.  I had planned on using a hole saw to cut all of the holes for the clamps in my form.  It clogged with sawdust and started burning.  A reminder that MDF is evil on a lot of cutting tools.  After trying a few things I settled on drilling holes at the corners of a square and using my jigsaw.


After that I used contact cement to glue a 1/16 inch aluminum strip to the form.


After sanding, Scotchbrite and wax the form is now ready.


Next I set up to re-saw some maple for the limb cores.  A bought a 1/2 inch, 3 TPI, carbide tipped blade for my Grizzly bandsaw and set it up similar to articles I have seen in woodworking mags.


Kenny, I like the Grizzly.  This re-saw set-up worked way better than I expected.  I sawed a strip then ran the wide piece through my drum sander to get a clean edge and then sawed another strip.

I got nine of ten strips cut successfully.  I may have to reject a few due to the knot you can see.

I plan on using three parallel, full length laminations in this bow.  I am still trying to understand the use of tapers.  I don't see many longbows with a thickness taper over the length.  I have a recurve with a taper.  Beside being able to adjust limb thickness easily by using reverse tapers can someone tell me if they taper the limb thickness.

Maybe more tomorrow after shooting in the morning and seeing Indiana Jones in the afternoon.


Way to sweet Cake.........  I can't wait, I'll see you in the morning.....Mark


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