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Just wondered if Compton's has in place or has considered a state affiliation program? I have recently began thinking about this due to the HSUS/Fund for animals partnership and their goal to go after bowhunting.
I am a member of the Michigan Trappers Assn. and we are afffiliated with the National Trappers Assn. and we funnel a lot of funds to the NTA to protect trapping on a national level.
If state bowhunting orgs. stay alone and try to fight the Anti's then bowhunting doesn't stand a chance. I know that Compton's would already be there to help but with limited resources.
An affiliation program would help build a much larger war chest and also more money to promote traditional bowhunting programs and youth involvement. Just something to think about.

I've had kind of the same type of thoughts.  I love the Comptons organization, but I don't know many members from my area.  Maybe there would be a way to set up "State Chapters" where we could get together in our own areas once in awhile or do a project or banquet or something. Not to compete with our State Traditional Organization, but rather to promote and further the Compton philosophies and ideals.

Hey Guys,

Is Compton's a national organization or just up in the Great Lakes area?


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