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Enjoyed Compton Archery 2004 Event

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Thank you everyone for making the 2004 Compton shoot available. Lots of space , nice uncrowded courses and a kind crowd. I hope everyone else enjoyed the event as well.

Race in Wisconsin

It seems that each year just gets better and better! Thanks to ALL of the hard working Compton board members and all of the wonderful voulenteers!

P.J. Petiniot:

 We had to miss this year because my oldest Lab had surgery and I had to stay home and nurse the old boy back to health.

Leslie and the girls were bummed out because we love the facility and we have always had a great time loafing at the Rendezvous.

We'll be there next year for sure. We'll have one more member of the family by then. We are expecting our 3rd child in November

Man, I must be crazy, havin' another kid at 40.


Mike Bolin:
P.J.-You don't look a day over 39! Got an update in the John Hale raffle yet? Mike

Congratulations PJ. What a blessing this child will be for you and the Mrs.



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