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Looking Forward to the Rendezvous

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Tim Nuss:
I am sure looking forward to the Compton Traditional Rendezvous this year. Berien Springs is sure a great place for the Rendezvous.
  I am planning on camping at the event this year.
  I know a lot of work goes into any event like the Rendezvous and I would like to volunteer to help in any way I can.

Tim, just go to the Compton booth when you get there and let them know. They will put you to work! Thanks for helping!

  Yes,we are looking for workers for the Compton booth as well as other areas .Please come to the booth when you arrive and ask for me . Thanks!!
                                  Ted Judson

Bret Cagle:
From all of the people I've talked to, this year looks to be the best ever!  Hope to see everyone there, This is the event that I look forward to most each year.  See you in a couple of weeks.  BC

Where are you Illinois guys going to be camping, I'm coming up Friday night with Kurt (the curse) Heckman and we were wondering if any of you guys fromt he UBI will be camping together.  Be sure and look for us broke down on I80 also...



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