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Do you shoot w/ both eyes open or......

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Both eyes open.  As someone else noted, depth perception is critical to range judgement.


One closed. I concentrate better. It doesn't seem to affect my depth perception.

When target panic strikes, both eyes closed.  :bigsmyl:

I estimate range with both eyes open.  I then close my left eye to shoot.  And all to often like Orion I forget and close both eyes when the adrenalin rush hits me!      :biglaugh:    I might add that I carry a range finder into the woods and range the distances to various trees around me, especially trees close to trails.  I dont't want to go pacing the distances before climbing the tree and depositing scent all over the place.


When coming over from the other side, the (wheels) I just brought over some habits, and I think closing one eye is one of them.  I never even thought that it would be different shooting with;

 " With both eye's open "

That sounds like a good book title for traditional bow hunter.  I will give it a try, because I never thought of it being a problem before.

Thanks for the tip !



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