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I am not sure how to post a picture or how to make a link you can click on but I am hoping if I give you the info re the community webshot link you can view the pictures of my buck. I shot the buck on 11-08-03 here in SD. I was using my Robertson Vision Falcon ( 67 lbs @ 29") shooting 2117 Legacy arrows tipped with a 2 blade Magnus. I shot him at 12yds where he was investigating the mock scrape I made below my stand. It looks like he will score approx. 160 P&Y but I do not intend to enter him. Only been shooting Trad. equipment 2 years-- what a thrill to shoot my biggest buck ever with my recurve.  

    Hope this works. Thanks.  Dan


Terry Green:

Man...THAT is a BRUISER!!!!

We'll have you fixed up in a bit.

Doug Campbell:
Ah come on Terry, you can't say that then not show us the picture.


Terry Green:

Terry thanks alot for posting the picture and the nice comments. While he looks big in the picture it really does not do him full justice. You can see a little bit of it in the picture but he really has some neat palmation on his rack especially on the end of the left main beam. By the way to give you a little more perspective on the overall size of the buck I am 6'05" and 260 lbs. It's going to be hard for me to ever beat this one but I plan to have lots of fun trying.


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