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Must be my year...


Here's a nice little VA nine pointer taken 10-6-03.  Shot him at 18 yards with a 54 lb. Hummingbird Dynastick, 2018-XX78 tipped with a 130gr Magnus I.  As I told Ben Graham (Hummingbird Bowyer)  I realy like the Treadway take down system.  It seams to have a lucky horse shoe built in.  This is one of six deer and a turkey I've taken with it this year.   :D  


Swanny in MD:
I like the looks of that bow too.  I had a Dynastic with his take down system a while back - he does a nice job with the craftsmanship.  

Nice pic - I like hunting pics when the person smiles or grins.    :D

beautiful buck!beautiful bow! beautiful hun......

Nice smile in the pic!  :bigsmyl:

the Ferret:
Nice photo and great deer. Pretty bow. I too like the smile. Looks like you are enjoying yourself.  :bigsmyl:


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