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Congrats on Zach Smith's first deer!

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Chris S.:
Zach Smith, 13 yrs old from Indiana, had a good day yesterday and killed his first deer with his longbow. Earlier in the day he nailed a squirrel as well.
Zach's bow is a reflexed BBO we made patterned from Dean T's video. Both shots were right on the money.
Congratulations Zach!   :thumbsup:  



Danny Rowan:
Way to go zack. Good looking deer and a nice tree rat to boot. does not get anybetter.


:bigsmyl:  WAY TO GO ZACH,i know why youre grinnin.thats good shootin , baggin 2 critters in a day aint bad at all. attaboy!!!!!!tell us youre story .

Chris, tell Zack congratulations for us. John and Ethan are very impressed.  :thumbsup:  

We're wrapping up football season and John and I are hoping to get back to Indiana soon for a hunt.

Man I can't see the pics. either,what's up?
       Curt }----------->


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