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First Trad Harvest


Joe D:
Adcock ACS 46@28, Carbonwood 3000 with 130 Gr Stos. 20 yards broadside shot. Recovered about 60 yards away.
This one is gonna make some good eatin.

Nice deer, nice bow, nice big smile. Congrats on your first. I want mine so bad I can taste it and am having a long dry spell of not even seeing a deer this season so far. Maybe I want it too bad but don't normally have this trouble (before).
BTW that ACS is awful close to my ordered (45# @ 26") - you sure you didn't get mine by mistake - nawwww - LOL. Course I'd really hate to be carrying a new ACS and be having this dry spell. No, I'd still love to be carrying my new ACS. Oh well- - -


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