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A Weekend With Schaf

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Barry great read thanks for taking the time to share. Paul was truly a great man. TD.

Chad Sivertsen:
Ya Barry, thanks for sharing that. Don't think I heard that one before. I spoke with Paul a few times at MBA banquets and his modesty was refreshing considering his accomplishments as a bowhunter.

Barry Wensel:
Since this thread died I've received multiple inquiries regarding the part Terry Green and I deleted about Schaf and the Playboy centerfolds. As my wife said, "Men!!" You'll be glad to hear the above article in it's entirety (the "R" rated version) will be included in the upcoming issue of PBS members magazine "The Professional Bowhunter". BW

Mike Walker:
Thanks Barry,I'm a PBS member,so I can't wait to read the "R" rated version and get the whole story....Mike


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