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Damon HOwatt SD year info


Looking to try to get the year of manufacture on three DH Super D recurves  All rose wood risers  with the following info : 48&28 ESDA 4380   50&28 ESD P 410F
53&28 ESD 4103
I can provide pics of the data   but its clear and thats what is written  Thanx for any help

Gerald Denley:
ESDA 438-O is a late 1967

ESDP 410-F is an early 1971

ESD 4103 is a 1974

THANK YOU  very much for the information. I had been guessing 1974  for all three        The 1974 I have had for years    but recently bought the other two and wanted to know for sure .
 I truly appreciate the information and the quick response.


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