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Southern Iowa EHD, CWD and Tuberculosis


 I spoke to two state biologist today that stopped by my house asking if I have came across EHD, CWD or tuberculosis. I stated that I have personally seen 19 deer dead from what I believe was EHD in mid to late August. Then I asked several questions about how bad is the EHD, CWD and tuberculosis in the area? The woman responded that it is so critical that she was amazed that DNR did not stop the season. That what EHD did not kill it would seem that several animals that they tested positive for CWD and a few animals showed up positive for tuberculosis. Both biologist would not give me exact numbers though. This was throughout Warner, Marion, Monroe and Lucas counties. They also said the area would be extremely lucky to rebound in five years. I said your warning is a little late but then again, I guess the DNR can not get not get any money if they canceled the season. I have not even heard half the shooting as I have in years prior and now I know why.
   I just wanted to get you guys a heads up on what I have seen and experienced. 


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