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Author Topic: Spine  (Read 766 times)

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« on: June 24, 2020, 10:20:40 PM »
I read here some but my first post here.
Been building these 60 in. recurves cutting the window past center and with velcro is pretty much center shot. Two bows one 42 @ 28 the other 43. I pull 26 in. so 37 ish for me. A 600 carbon cut to 29 in. with 125 bare shafts weak. A 1916 same length shows a bit weak also but not bad and groups better for me. I would think at that draw weight the 1916 would be stiff?? Also have a few 2016s that fly good and show pretty straight in bare shafted same point and length.
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Re: Spine
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2020, 09:33:53 AM »
Hi Mike, Welcome to Tradgang!

This forum is intended for questions about how to shoot the bow.  Questions about equipment, including arrow spine, belong in the Powwow forum.  Maybe a moderator will move your question over there.

I typically shoot .600 spine carbons with a similar setup to yours, but with 100 or 75 grain points.  I usually don't shoot aluminum, but 1816's with 100 grain points seem to work pretty well.  1916’s aren't out of the question, particularly if you're using 125 grain points.  Occasionally a person might get a false weak response, meaning the arrow is really too stiff, but is rebounding off the strike plate and so showing a false weak.  But if your 2016’s are flying well, I doubt that is happening here.

I assume your arrow is properly aligned just outside the centerline of the bow?

For a bow pulling 37#, I would imagine you are looking for an arrow that is as light as possible in order to maximize performance, rather than something heavier to hunt with?  I have friends who shoot bows in that weight range who shoot .800 spine arrows with probably a 50 or 75 grain point.
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