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1st deer with longbow at 69...

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1st bow deer....I haven’t hunted in at least ten years...This summer I picked up my bows started shooting again and got the urge...went out with my son and brother...she came in like she was on a string...I thought she was going to wind me before I got a shot but she turned and gave me a perfect broadside right elbow hit the tree just as I was coming to full draw so the shot went a little forward...She trotted off about 75 yards and stopped. I saw her wobbling as she walked off another 25 yards and lay down...finally got a deer at 69 with my longbow!...very thankful and happy...


Congratulations! At 54 I just picked up my first longbow this July and will see what happens starting Wednesday when I will be spending a week in the woods. Haven't shot a bow in 20 years before now and never shot a deer then. I am still struggling with consistency and wonder how far your initial shot was?

Shot was about 18 yards...10 to 15 years ago I was shooting out to 35 but I was practicing a present I limit myself to 20 I practice more that will I crease a bit..



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