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Oregon Blacktail 2016

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This harvest is definitely the highlight of my trad experience. Although I've had a couple of other harvests, this one seemed to be the most complete as far as confidence before I loosed the arrow.

After a 5 year hiatus, I decided to pick up my Horne Brushbow and hunt the late season for Blacktail. I actually missed this guy opening weekend and realized I wasn't picking a spot due to a case of buck fever. Video is a great tool for analyzing your actions and allowing you to know what to correct.

The piece of wood on my bow quiver is a home brew attachment for my string tracker.

When he came in this time, I talked myself through the shot. I used a clicker to help my form and consistency, which appears to be working out quite well. This harvest reinvigorated my interest and confidence in traditional archery and I plan to hunt deer in my home state with trad gear only.

Horne brushbow 58" amo 42 @ 28
GT 3555 full length blems with 50 grain inserts and 125 grain 2 blade Magnus Broadhead.

I was able to capture the hunt on video as well.

Those blacktail are some really cool looking deer!



I agree with looking deer!

Excited for you


Kenny Henderson:
Congrats!!! Nice deer, and the terrain in the pics looks awesome!

bowhawk archer:
Very nice, congrats.


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