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2012 was a pretty good year....UPDATED on pg 2

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Ryan Rothhaar:
Had a good year with my Jack Howard Gamemaster Jets in 2012.

February in Tejas....

Big and stinky (the boar, that is)...


Smaller, pretty as a pig, and better eating dry sow.....


October 11 here in Indiana...he tempted me a bit too much.  7 yard shot quartering on, 70 yard recovery, 5 minute track for Oskar.


Shot this doe around October 20 here in Indiana, 4 yards quartering away.  Weird exit down front leg - arrow threaded right down the leg.  She went about 90 yards, not much blood on the ground due to the weird exit.  Another 5 minute track for my wife Katia and Oskar (she handles the dog, I just follow behind and try to stay out of the way).






November 14 in Iowa on Dad's place.  Shot him at 12 feet - I'm DEADLY at 12 feet!     ;)    .  He's a 5 1/2 yr old, and I'm tickled with him.


Got a doe tag left for Iowa, some time off for the late season, and a score to settle with a mule-faced big yellow doe that busted me one too many times this it ain't over yet!


I would say a very good year! Way to go Ryan!   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

Very good year! Congrats!

Good luck filling that last doe tag!

Looks like this year was quite good to you.



WOW!  Great Season.


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