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Guard on Hidden Tang (lots of pics)Finished knife photo added

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Lin Rhea:
Someone asked me to take a few pictures while I was making and installing a guard soooooo......

This may not be the only way, but it's my way. It suits my tools and available materials. I've never watched anyone else while making one so there might be some things you see that are different and somewhat crude. I learned this by trial and mostly error.

Again this is a hidden or stick tang application. Other steps and stages would apply for Full Tang construction.

First, I get the blade ready to accept the guard. I have it in the filing jig squaring the shoulders so the guard will fit almost seamlessly. A sharp file is a must.

Another view of the blade after it has been completely filed while still in the jig.  

Here is the balde completely filed and ready for a guard. Notice that I file all four sides.

Now for the guard material. I use 416 stainless when available. Here is a bar of 3/8 X 3/4 along side the blade which is now wrapped and protected from scratches while all this is going on.

I need a break. I will get back here this afternoon. Thanks, Lin

Lin Rhea:
OK, I got some coffee and now for a few more pictures.

Is this boring or what?  :)  

 The guard is cut to roughly the size I want.


Here is piece is rounded a little and flattened. I'm holding the blade tang on the guard material and marking the top and bottom of the tang. The rough size of the material is a little over sized at this point, as you can see. I want to slot the material and shape the whole thing in relation to the slot. Make sense?

Here I'm just showing that I clarified my marks and am ready to drill and slot this thing.

I wont go into detail about how to rough in the slot. I use a small milling machine. You can drill and file the hole too. Either way, the hole is now roughed in and I'm making sure that the fit is not sloppy and that I have room to do some hand work with files to get a press fit. You can see that the guard will only go up to this close and gets tight. Thats good.

More to come. I have to get to work. Thanks, Lin

d. ward:
Thanks Lin thats great

great info here lin...thanks for taking the time to share

Excellent!!  Thank you for sharing.  Looking forward to seeing more.



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