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Knife edge angle?

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For an all pupose hunting knife what angle on my Lansky should I use? I believe the choices are 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees.


It really depends on what you're wanting to use the knife for. My kitchen knives I like to sharpen to a 20 degree angle to get a nice thin edge, good for fileting and such. A 30 degree angle tends to give me a much sturdier edge that can take a little bit more abuse. 30 degrees is what I use on my hunting knives.

I always sarpen mine to 25 on the Lansky, but it's purely a personal preference thing.

Ditto on that, robtattoo. I use 25 degrees on my hunting knives, too.

But the angle you use is really personal preference.

The steeper angle makes for a bit longer lasting edge, IMOHO.

The Lansky diamond stones really can get your blades trued up in a hurry. I start with the extra coarse stone on badly abused blades; coarse to start on blades where I am changing the blade edge angel for the first time. Work on down to the fine diamond stone.

And if I reaally want to be pedantic, I will finish polish the edge on an 8000x water stone. Looks impressive, and It is scarey sharp, but I believe the really fine edge you get doesn't last very long.

"Nothing will get you cut badly quicker than a dull knife" (Something my dear departed Grandfather used to tell us.)

I usually go 20, but I've never understood why, with all the systems out there now that let you control angle, the manufacturers don't provide information on the factory angle in their brochures with the purchase.  It would save trial and error if a touch up is all it needs.  Anything less and you're removing metal from the bevel as opposed to the true edge. If you lay the stone at the various angles and hold a light down the edge, you may be able to tell what's right if you've got good eyes (or some magnification, which I need for just about everything now)


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