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Saga of the Gut Hook & "Bunny Hunter" Knife

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Before I start, in keeping with the current post about image sizes, I think I finally figured out how to make mine only 600 wide rather than the minimum 640 that Photo Bucket produces (I hope). It  is  important to keep band width down!

On with the saga -

It is amazing to me how we all can learn things we never knew we could do from our friends and fellow archers here on (even ol' dogs like me    :p   ). About a month ago I won a drawing that included a Gut Hook blade blank. Jake, the donor, told me he would finish the knife for me or I could do it  - whichever I wanted - and he would advise me with tips. Because I had been planning to try one for a long time (as you'll see in the second half of the saga), I decided to take advantage of his good tips and went to work on another new project. The outcome was received well by all the TGMM members and others - even myself    ;)   . I was quite pleased with my efforts and new "skill". Here are (proper size) pics of my finished Gut Hook Knife, also showing my use of the unique handle I chose for it:




Because of the generousity of Jake and his invaluable help in e-mails of tips, I then found myself with not only a new ability but also the courage to tackle a promise I made to an old friend on tradgang. I'll cover that in the next post (to follow as fast as i can hunt 'n peck -    :D   ).

That is one beauitful knife. Well done!

And the Saga continues -

A couple or more years back there was a young member on here who had his personal problems (with life) but was a great friend and fellow member to all of us, Some of you will recall Micah Adams, "Bunny Hunter" - he still contacts me with an e-mail update about every two years or so, and even stops in here for a post or two now and again. "BH" used to always support me (and others) in any effort we ever undertook involving raising funds, or help, "For The Kids" - particularly notable were his efforts for St. Jude's Auctions, bless his heart -    :jumper:   . We got pretty close - cyber-wise    :)   .

Micah changed jobs and moved a lot, and at one point he went to Canada for a job, and one of his friends up there started teaching him to make knife blades. The very first one he cut out (of some piece of old High Carbon steel his mentor gave him) he sent to me, knowing my love of knives, and made me promise to put a handle on it and let him see the results. I hope he does - someday. Thanks for enableing me , Jake!

Another "unique" knife  and handle, IMO - (but what do I know?    ;)   ):



A closer, different angle to show the "knob" I left on to use as a thumb rest at times:


In a closely following post, I will show you kind members the grip of my "Bunny Hunter" knife.



Ol' Bunny Hunter had a great sense of humor (I love that in folks) and great compassion for his fellow members and sooooooooooo much "For The Kids" - I hope he's doing well and stops in again - at least for The St. Jude's Auction this summer.

Well done Bernie. Thanks for sharing the history with us.


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