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New knife project. Got a ???


Well i have been slow to get it started because of some back problems but i finally got it cut out and now i am wondering if i a belt sander for the bevel or a grinder is better. this is my 1st knife project and i just dont know. if i use a belt sander, how do i keep the angle consistent?


A lot will depend on the belt sander.  If you have the right series of belts for it it should be fine.  Go slow and check your grind angle often as it is real hard to put the metal back on.  The platen will allow you to do a flat grind which is easier to start with.

good luck!!

Definately the belt sander. If you've got a grinder which allows the belt to run vertical, so much the better as you can see down the grind & keep your angle more consistent. It's all a matter of practice really! Have a go with some scrap flat plate beforehand, if possible.

i think i may cut a piece and practice on the belt sander


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