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Knife blade hardining.

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I have a concrete saw blade I want to make a knife out of. I tried one and it came out fine, I just don't think the steel is hard enough. I can drill through it without heating it up red hot and letting it slowly cool down.
Can somebody tell me the procedure for hardening steel.

Gene Roberts:
Can't you get it red hot then put it in water.

Can't help you unless I know what kind of steel it is.  Old saws work best because most of them are L6 tool steel.  Alot of the newer saws and files are case hardened and don't make good knives.  

Most high carbon steel is heat treated by heating it to 1650 degrees (cherry red) and quenched into oil heated to 120-140 degrees.  That is the hardening process.  Then the tempering process can be done in a kitchen oven.  About 1 hour at 300 degrees.  Chad

I'd have to guess that the steel in a concrete saw is not good knife steel. Same for all blades that use diamond or carbide for the cutting action.

Lin Rhea:
I have some concrete saw blades, but I've noticed they dont rust much. I have concluded they may be or very close to being some kind of Stainless. It's very hard to temper for someone new to working steel. I would search around and find an old sawmill blade (L-6) and I can help you with that. It's a high carbon steel and will be more likely to make you a good knife. Lin


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