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Lookie what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday! Talk about pretty, sharp, rugged and functional. My wife called me yesterday to tell me there was a package here from Frank and Shell, and I made the mistake of asking her to open it up and let me know what was there. She said that there were two knives in the box; one for me and one for her. So I lost the beautiful neck knife. It is really the perfect size and heft for many kitchen chores, including stripping jerky, so I'll let her think it is hers until I head for the woods again (actually we are pretty good about sharing). The skinner is all mine though until she decides that she wants to help with the deer before they come into the house all cut up and ready for the freezer.
Thanks again Frank and Shell; beautiful knives, beautiful scabbards and even more beautiful people. Well, you know what I mean Frank. Shell is beautiful in every way, and you both have beautiful hearts.


Ian johnson:
I like that neck knife chuck

nice knives chuck  :clapper:

Crooked Stic:
Yep I have couple of Franks knives myself. They very nice. I sure like that handle on the small one!

sweet knives!


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