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stone doe

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53# osage "huntin stick",ocean spray shaft,tipped with a texas chert head.Shot distance:5 yds,recovery:30 yds, both lungs.


Doug Campbell:
Oh yea you da Man!!   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

5 yards is my kind of distance.  Good job and congratulations.  Joseph

Spot on! I see you use the tracers like Dano put on the river cane arrow he sent me (it was the first time I'd seen them and I love the look of them). Dano says it really helps since natural turkey feathers are hard to follow/see. Rest of the arrow looks great too - what exactly is ocean spray? I was just reading about the cherts available last evening on a site. Sharpe looking bow too, Timo - but you know that already don't you - LOL

Alright Timo! CONGRATS   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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