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1st trad harvest


mike hall:

Thanksgiving morning harvest-

Man it was cold this morning, think the wind chill was in the upper teens. Sat on stand for two and a half hours before seeing anything. This one was the last in a group of 10 or so including a pretty nice eight point.(buck tag is filled) Once they filed past my tree I made my move.
She was taken at 20 yards with one of my home made Sitka Spruce Arrows tipped with a 125 grain Zwickey Eskimo broadhead. (522grn.)
My bow is a 62" Massie Longhorn 55#@28". What a great bow...........very quiet.

Yards to recovery.......................0
Hit a bit high but I take it.
Started shooting traditional last winter and finally made the connection. Thanks very much to all of you who gave me advice. Can't wait to get back up a tree for number two.

:thumbsup:    :thumbsup:   Congrats!!!

Trinity Outfitters:
Awesome, Mike!  Thanks for sharing and welcome to the addiction!!

Nothing like your first  :)  ! Congratulations...

Brute killer:
Good job!  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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