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So far the 2004 deer season has been great! Two tags filled (IL) and more to go(IN). Both deer were taken with an unbacked 62" osage selfbow, 60# @ 28" and tonkin cane arrows tipped with sinew wrapped trade points. Both taken from treestands at less than 5yds. The doe field dressed 115# and the buck dressed out at 190#.




Took this grey haired OL'Gal the evening of 12/31/04 with the same equipment as above. But this one tok alot of tracking ( shot wasn't as good as it looked) decided to mark the blood trail and come back the next morning. Wouldn't you know,,,,found her piled up 20yds past where we quit the night before! Sure was a great way to start the New Year  :bigsmyl:  


Congrats!  Nice looking bow.  Like the tracks on the back.  Don't get much better than a monster like that with primitive equipment at spitin' distance.  Nice doe too.

Good Job!
Nice photos! with primitive gear! YOU DA MAN!!  :thumbsup:

Doug Campbell:
Now that's the way it's done Stick!! Congrats on both them critters!!  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

Awesome accomplishment! Nothin like taking them up close and personal! Good luck with the rest of the season.  Dan


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