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My 8pt.

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This buck was taken in Conn.,on Nov.13. Shot was about 6yds.,and he want about 70yds. I used  "old reliable",my Kempf Kwyk Styk 56" 62@28,and homemade cedar arrows(RRA shaft)tipped with Snuffer 160's. He was 4 1/2 yrs. old,185lbs dressed,and he green scores around 131 p&y.  




Here's a pic.of the heart damage and the knife fellow TG'er Shawn Leonard gave me for my 40th birthday in Sept.,a nice way to break it in!!


Great lookin buck!!
Congratulations on a fine harvest.

Great hit on a beauty of a buck! 'Course, a deer that size has a pretty big heart...

You are one hell of a hunter, Curt!

Killdeer  :bigsmyl:    :thumbsup:

Doug Campbell:
Yep livin up to his name!!  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

Monster Buck!!  Looks like 300#'s to me.


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