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My first hog!

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Trinity Outfitters:

Long story short here:

5:00: Got to the tree stand only to fall through the rotted plywood floor (luckily, I caught myself on the railing--no injury).  My buddy just happended to have a tripod in his truck, so we set it up in the same location.

6:00: Two does show up and feed for 20 minutes, until "something" scares them away.  Sure enough, it was a stinkin', snortin', rootin' boar busting through the brush.

6:25: He finally shows himself, after rototilling a trench looking for acorns.  He comes out, then back into the brush, out, back in, out . . . yet never presents a shot before deciding to circle the perimeter.

6:45: Things look dismal. . . no, now he is coming my way . . .no, he changed direction . . wait, maybe, maybe, YES!  Coming my way . . . just take two more steps out of the brush . . . no, not that way . . . YES! A quatering away shot at 18 yards, which left me no time to think about--or mess-up--the shot.

Pics tell the story, but warning, do not view if gory details bother you!  Disclaimer, I was not paid to do any advertising for Mr. Simmons, but would gladly accept some free broadheads for the effort!

P.S. I shot my favorite bow, a JavaMan Sweetgrass, shooting a Forgewood shaft tipped with a Simmons Shark broadhead.  Shaft weight was really 625 gains out of a 57# bow.


Todd , that is one of the new broadheads I am shooting also ....I love them ...oh yeah that was one good shoot buddy!...way to go...I got get over there and make a hunt....mark  :thumbsup:

Brute killer:
That's some good shootin'! Congrats on the nice hog.  :thumbsup:

Doug Campbell:
Well alright Todd, hope to get into some of that gory stuff myself next month.   :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:

Longbow Bowhunter:
Man, I am stuck in the UK and not able to do any bowhunting. Nice hog, and like the story.


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