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2004 Florida Hog

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I stalked this free-ranging boar on the edge of a south-central Florida pasture, and shot him at about 20 yards.  I used a Black Widow PSAV, 54#@28".  The arrow was a Wensel Woodsman tipped Gold Tip 55/75 at 540 grains total weight.  The arrow stopped at the far shoulder, and he went about 80 yards before piling up.

Man Steke, I think you got them bigs hogs number? Congrats !  :thumbsup:

WoW!!  :scared:   Thats as big as a VW bug. I wish we had those here in Ohio. CONGRATS on a great hunt.......Raven  :thumbsup:


Man, What a WOOLY MAMMOTH! Congratulations on a great hunt. I'm going to be shooting a similar bow soon and may consult you on tuning the gold tips. Ckruse


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