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Spirit Chaser


It was looking thin around the Highlights area again so I thought Id submit. This is one of my all time favorite bows. I call her Spirit Chaser. I've taken much game(big and small) with this crazy bow. I used to shoot lots of rabbits with ol' Spirit but since the shoulder started comming appart I only shoot her occasionally. I did put a beautiful set of Canebreak skins on her to make her feel better. Enjoy the pic and good luck hunting. Curtis  

Doug Campbell:
Now that's character!   :thumbsup:

Now that's just plumb wild! What kind of rack you got to hang that thing on?

Thanks for the replies. Wish I could say I was the lone builder of Spirit Chaser. Wes Martin created the bow back before he took to fiberglass. I did an overhaul, slight tiller work, new grip and snake skin backing. It was fine before I did the work I just wanted a little change. Shot a Doe, a hog, a bunch of rabbits and a javalina with the bow. It now hangs on the bedroom wall for special occasions. If I ever get the shoulder put back together I'll be spending time with "The Spirit" back in the woods where we belong. CK


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