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WOW! What a season!


Doug Campbell:
What an incredible season!! Four hours of crawling around in the snow paid off! Found this guy chasing does yesterday evening but couldn't get close. After getting within 25 yards four times this morning I was able to finally get an arrow in him about noon today.


First shot into him was a stone point, thought I'd gotten poor penetration and lost faith, (I'm so ashamed). Slipped in on him again and spined him with a Woodsman. The stone pointed arrow was a little far back and had gone thru the liver. Would have done the job if I'd let him be. 60# Kent Brown longbow again.

Yes I'm feeling pretty blessed this year!!!!

Wile E. Coyote:
WOW Doug! Nice buck. Glad your hard work paid off. Sounds like you earned him. Way to go.

Congratulations Doug that is a really nice buck! I think it is neat that you were able to stalk him so many times to such close range. While I really enjoy hunting whitetails my favorite deer hunting is spot and stalk hunting on mule deer. It is simply more fun to take the hunt to the deer than to wait in ambush hoping for the deer to make a mistake and come to you.   Dan Fox

WayTa Go Doug   Nice Mooley   :thumbsup:    Man i love huntin in da white stuff. So what tags ya got left. I'm watchin anudder buck but gonna thin my doe pop. 1st wit the Firestik.  Keep tha pics a comin.  Nice Deer     :D    :D  TJ  :D    :D

Swanny in MD:
Actually, that pic is one of my all-time favorites!


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