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String building wax

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by JRY309:
I made my own string wax,I melted down 1/2 pound of bee's wax with a 1/2 toilet ring wax and poured in little paper cups.It made a good bit of wax,great for string making and just plain waxing strings.There are many different formulas that will work,this is what I did.
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I did the same, though I don't recall the ratio I used. Made a near lifetime supply of string wax, and better quality than anything I've bought.

Hmmmmmm. I've been using toilet bowl wax alone and it has worked well with the massive roll of B50 that after many years is going to run out soon.  It's heavily waxed and is very sticky on it's own and is sticky enough when I add more wax to the string.

Maybe I need to melt some beeswax into it for the stickiness needed.

Mine is a bee's wax/toilet bowl seal blend also.  I'll have to get my wife to get the recipe for me--can't remember off the top of my head.  I think it's 2# of bee's wax to one extra-thick seal, but I'll have to check to be sure.  Poured up 30-something pounds worth a while back...should last a year or three.

I'm going to do a small batch with gradually increasing the beeswax and see what happens.

Thanks for the ideas.

I use 8 parts bee's wax to one part toilet bowl ring. This works great. It's sticky without being too soft.


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